A cloudless summer day..

Like the one when I first laid eyes on you

Dancing away in willful abandon

So close, I could almost smell the Freesias in your hair

In that moment, it was as if my whole life flashed before my eyes

As if this was the moment every other moment in my life was culminating to..

As if this were my providence.


I dig deeper, and the clouds catch me unawares

I dig further still, and it dispels all my belief.

Tell me your fears love

Tell me what you’re running from

What is this secret you hide under your skin, what mysteries do you bury deep in your bones?

I’m here.

I’m always here.

Undeserving, but here

I see you through the turbulent waters; I see you through every crest and pause..

You were never one to anchor down

But I’ll languish in hope if it must be the way,

To be the light that guides you ashore..

To me.

Before I lose you to the sea again.


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