Of this and that, and everything in between..

Placeholder Image“Everything you can imagine is real”

        Pablo Picasso

We start our days, we end our days. Awake though parts, dreaming with eyes wide open, the rest.

What is it, you dream of?  Do you picture your life? Fast forwarded, five years down? Ten? Do you see where you want to be?  Who? Is it everything you imagined? Tell me it doesn’t feel real. Tell me you wouldn’t give absolutely anything to be there right now. I know I would.

They say it’s the journey, not the destination. But much like the great unknown, we’re all wandering. With purpose or for the ride, but we are wandering. It’s just that I’d like to get there. To my imagined plane of reality, without having to go through the motions.

That’s the thing about  doe-eyed-dreaming.. You get to do, say, BE everything and just so  much more. There’s no “present” reality quagmire to harsh your dreamscape mellow. It’s just you, and your deepest, most “real” identity.

To me, it’s the only all-me-no-nonsense-straight up version of myself that I know. The one that exists in this dimension of my own making. There’s no pretense here, and it’s probably the closest I could get to self discovery.

Though imagination, she’s a tricky woman I believe. Once scorned, you know how that goes down.. She can play with your deepest fears, your most veiled insecurities, your raw nerves, and shake your foundations, altogether. Takes you a while to recover, but you know she’s worth the trouble, at the end of the day. This wonderful kaleidoscopic, random, breathtakingly beautiful woman, is SO worth going through the occasional grind for.

She’s your escape. Sometimes, she’s about the only thing that can save a lost soul.


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